Weapons Historian Michael Zomber’s Incredible Collection


Recently on June 12th, weapons collector, historian and writer Michael Zomber sat down for an interview via podcast. During this interview, he talked about his latest book and his fondness of Japanese culture. Along with discussing his book and Japanese culture, he also talked about history and general and his passion for antique arms. Overall, the conversation was very intriguing and provided a lot of insight into what Michael is up to these days.

Michael Zomber has collected and studied antique guns for over forty years. With this amount of time collecting antique guns, Zomber has learned a lot about these guns. He is therefore very eager to share his knowledge with many people. One of the most common ways he has informed people about antique guns is by appearing on the History Channel. Michael appeared on a number of shows such as gun documentaries. On these shows, he has talked about the structure, function and use of the many antique guns he has collected.

While Michael Zomber is very fond of antique guns, he is even more passionate about samurai swords. Since he is very fond of Japanese culture, he has studied one of the most formidable weapons that nation’s history. With his knowledge of samurai swords, Michael has written a number of stories and historical novels about them. He has written numerous screenplays which depict the life and conflicts of the samurai era. Zomber has also written stories about how the samurai swords were used in a number of armed conflicts. He had made one of these screenplays into a film through his film company known as Renascent Films LLC.

Since Michael Zomber is quite enthusiastic about antique guns and samurai swords, he believed that it would be a good idea to get involved in organizations that foster peace. Over the years, Michael has joined a number of organizations that help people in countries throughout the world. He has participated in organizations that look to provide better quality education and healthcare to individuals along with using diplomacy to achieve peace. As a result, Michael has looked to make valuable contributions to society along with his work as a writer and historian.