Video Visits with Loved Ones

Securus is a company that has made going to jail easier not only for the person who is in jail but for their families, as well. The company focuses on realistic solutions that will help people who are in jail have an easier chance at relationships with friends and family while they are in jail. The company does not want people to “have it easy” while they are in jail, but they do want them to be able to keep relationships that will be important to them when they do finally get the chance to leave the prison system. Securus is dedicated to the families of inmates.


The Securus company has come up with solutions that include inmate emails, different ways to talk on the phone and less expensive options for families who want to still be able to talk to and see their loved ones while they are in jail. There are many ways that Securus is making things easier for the loved ones of inmates. The company is dedicated to them and does everything that they can to come up with new ideas to make the families of inmates happier and more successful at their lives outside of prison.


One problem that many people have who have loved ones in prison, especially federal prison, is visitation. The families may struggle to visit their inmates and they may not be able to see them as often as they like. This can be detrimental for people who have children and people who will eventually get out of jail and may want to keep in contact with their families. Face to face time is very important in keeping up with relationships and helping people have a connection with the ones who are in jail that they love. Securus has come up with a solution for this.


The video visits allow people to see their loved ones who are in jail without ever having to visit the jail. They can video chat with their loved ones and let them know that they are thinking about them. It greatly raises the morale of the inmate and can help make the transition back to home easier for people who are going to get out of jail in the future. Video visits are a great way for people who live far away to connect with the inmates who are in jails in different parts of the country.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.