Video visitation from Securus Technologies gives inmates new hope

Ask a prison guard at any one of the nation’s thousands of carceral facilities what the most dangerous thing they encounter in their job is, and they are likely to tell you that it is an inmate who has lost all hope. Inmates who perceive that they have nothing to lose are often the most dangerous offenders being kept in the nation’s prisons. Inmates who feel that they have no reason to live often abandon all civility, leaving guards and other inmates at risk of attack and causing general mayhem within the institutions where they are housed.


Unfortunately, for inmates that are facing long terms of incarceration, there’s often little that prison staff are able to do to increase the levels of positivity and a hopeful outlook. However, one of the main innovations that have been developed to this effect over the last decade has been video visitation technology. By allowing inmates to stay in nearly constant face-to-face contacts their loved ones, Securus Technologies video visitation has made prisons safer by giving inmates a strong incentive to be on their best behavior.


In many of the nation’s prisons today, Securus video visitation allows inmates to stay in nearly unlimited contact with their loved ones, being able to call the outside world and have face-to-face communications with their friends and family whenever they feel the urge. This is a vast improvement over the conditions in which prisoners were often housed in the past, where they were often unable to see people on the outside of prison for months on end. In some cases, prisoners would be sentenced to long terms of incarceration where they would never see a single one of their family members or friends for the duration of their sentence.


Now, through its video visitation technology, Securus is keeping hope alive for millions of the nation’s inmates.