Vanity Fair Adds Riverboat Gambler Kyle Bass to October 2016 Summit

There is no such thing as bad press according to some pundits. And perhaps, Hayman Capital Management principal Kyle Bass is one of the best examples of this maxim. Even with all of the failed predictions of this Riverboat Gambler, Vanity Fair will feature Mr. Bass at its annual October 2016 summit.

“What is next for Kyle Bass – Knighthood?”

One of the most devastating economic events in American history was in 2008 and thanks to Kyle Bass’ prediction thereof, he has gained numerous fans. Money makes the world go around and those who understand how it works, will always have the public’s ear.

Along with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Apple’s Eddy Cue, Kyle Bass will be united with other stars of entertainment, business and academia for the Vanity Fair annual new establishment summit, running from October 19th to the 20th in San Francisco. This promises to be a conference, allowing everyone to let their hair down with conversations on “Why Things Fail” and “Is Tech Eating Media?”

“Riverboat Gamblers: Bret Favre & Kyle Bass”

The prediction business has as short of a shelf life as the NFL quarterback. Just ask Bret Favre, who gained the reputation for being a Riverboat Gambler. Kyle Bass is being called the “Desperate Gambler” by some.

As Argentina struggled with its financial woes, tells us that Mr. Bass supported the country’s policy of simply “refusing to repay their debt.” Eventually, Argentina’s economy collapsed after this “Bad Decision.”

In some ways, Mr. Bass is simply the poster boy of a nation that continues to make bad choices. He might as well, contact Saturday Night Live to be added to the faux commercials for “Bad Idea Jeans.” For unfortunately, Mr. Bass is stringing up quite a list of failures.

He defended General Motors for parts defects, by blaming the victim. He has an ongoing dispute with the widow of the American Sniper. And he seems to predict the collapse of Japan every year, but guess what – “Japan is still alive!” Riverboat Gambler Bass stirs the pot.