Top Five Wine Destinations In France By Traveling Vineyard

The concept of testing wine when touring a country like France should always be at the top of one’s list when graced with such an opportunity. All over the world France is very well known as a formidable force when it comes to its wine making culture. With every part of France producing their kind of wine, a visitor visiting the country might find it very difficult to decide on which areas to go on a wine tasting adventure but look no further as Traveling Vineyard has that covered for you.

Traveling Vineyard has come up with five top places that a wine lover traveling in France will surely enjoy paying a visit and taste some of the best wines that the country has to offer.

To start off this magical wine tasting adventure paying the first visit to Champagne would be an excellent idea as the first route destination. This is mainly because of its closeness to Paris so easy access to the area is guaranteed as compared to other rural areas in France. Specific winemakers to visit in Paris include; Champagne Tribute, Champagne Fallet Dart and finally Champagne Aspasie.

Coming second on the top five list is Alsace, and one can say this wine tasting route is a picturesque and a visit during the months of October one can get to witness the regions wine festival.

On the third place is Burgundy and while visiting this great route, be sure to visit Chablis located north and Cote d’Or which are the epicenters of good wine in the region.

Bordeaux comes in the fourth place where one would be graced with many wineries to taste wine from.

Last but not list Provence takes the fifth position and a visit from Toulon to Saint-Tropez would surely guarantee some of the best wine tasting experiences yet.

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