The MB2 Dental Society to Help Dental Practitioners

Dr. Akhil Reddy is one of the head specialists at MB2 Dental. This is a dental service firm that offers the resources needed by the dentists. It also provides the capacity to practice in most of the parts of the United States. The institution began in 2009. MB2 Dental was started by Dr. Steven Villanueva, DMD. It dwells on the premise that doctors tend to perform better when they are riding on a strong affiliation. This is mainly what the institution does. It has grown to have over 75 employees under it. It also has a total of 60 dental offices that have been spread all over the country.

MB2 Dental is a community that allows dentists to focus on what they are best at. The organization allows these dentists who provide the best services to their patients. When they do not have to concentrate on the business aspect, they give their all to provide the needs that their patients have. The organization aims at offering the affiliated owners with a team of professionals. These professionals have the knowledge, personalized systems, and guidance that is needed to handle those nonclinical tasks. These tasks include running a practice that is successful. The owners will then only have to make the strategic business decisions. They will also focus on care for their patients.

Dr. Akhil Reddy was born in Lubbock Texas. He was averagely a regular kid. He worked hard in school and was involved in soccer, and scouting. He was also a committed member of the Red Cross. He had always hoped to get a career that would allow him to have hands-on application. Dentistry was the top choice. At a young age, Dr. Akhil was accepted into the University of Pacific. He was enrolled in The MB2 Dental Society to Help Dental Practitioners. In the institution, he was able to earn a B.S in Biological Sciences. He then quickly joined the doctorate class in the same school. He then received a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. He earned his honors at an impressive age of 23.After he had graduated, Dr. Akhil decided to go back to Dallas, Texas and established a dental practice. He had a versatility in skills that allowed him to thrive in this industry. At one point in his career, he decided to broaden his scope and included the provision of dental services to patients of all levels in his career. This is what made him an influential member of the MB2 Dental Society. He is still involved with his Alma Master and serves on the Alumni Board. He works with his colleagues so that he increases the access to care.