Securus Technologies Working With Officers to Improve Jail Conditions

Each year that I continue to work as a prison guard in the county jail, I see violence on the rise. The reasons are a combination of more gang members and overcrowded conditions, so inmates are doing whatever they can to protect their turf, protect themselves, and protect their gang affiliation. These all equal dangerous conditions for anyone who is either residing or working behind those prison walls.


In order to try and maintain some degree of order, and to try and turn things around so safety is priority one, me and my fellow officers are using the latest technology to assist us in keeping the peace and well-being of everyone in the prison. We make use of the latest scanning equipment that can detect if guests or inmates have contraband inside the visitor center. This is where these folks are in very close quarters, so we can not allow them to be passing things to one another.


We used to make use of a call monitoring system to listen in when inmates were talking to others, but that system was replaced this year by Securus Technologies and their modernized system. In the old days we would have to designate staff members to sit and listen to each and every call, determining if anything was being said that could cause issues. Today, the Securus Technologies LBS software does the listening, and it can listen to several calls at once and pick out chatter that needs our attention.


The Securus Technologies company is based in Dallas, has over a thousand employees, and has already placed this same monitoring system in thousands of jails. Not only are me and my fellow officers safer as a result of the new call monitoring system, so are visitors, prison staff, and all of the inmates too.