Securus Technologies: Advancing the World of Incarceration through Technology

I never realized what it takes to ensure the safety of all those working in correctional facilities and protecting the inmates incarcerated there. When I think of prison, I envision a frightening environment with danger around each turn. Securus Technologies is working to eliminate those dangers through their use of technology. They have been receiving fabulous reviews from their facility customers who are impressed with their vision and drive for success. Read these reviews for yourself.


One of the technological advancements that Securus provides is their LBS software. The LBS (Location Based Services) can track cell phones used by inmates regardless of if the cell phone has GPS service. This service has allowed for thousands of correctional facilities to track criminal activities and either prevent the activity or use the recording as leverage to further an investigation. More information on how the LBS software works can be found here:


Securus Technologies is one of the few organizations working towards bettering our incarceration system to protect the people who work there, the people incarcerated there, and the public citizens that visit there. I am impressed with their use of technology and their vision to better serve all those involved in the correctional facility environment.