Pain Relief Technology Through Osteo Relief Institute

The Jersey Shore is one of the places people are turning to for pain relief. One of the leading causes of pain in older adults is arthritis. Most people do not know this but there are over 100 types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of the types that causes pain that is debilitating. When an individual ends up with osteoarthritis it means they have lost most of the cushion between their bones. Rubbing bone on bone is very painful and can cause a person to never move that arm or leg (Your Beauty Craze). New Jersey offers the Osteo Relief Institute to the people searching for arthritis answers.


According to a recent article in the Mooresville Tribune, Osteoarthritis happens more to women than men. Most people use to believe it was a condition of the elderly. If we sit back and think about it, pregnant women give up some of their calcium to their unborn fetus. This can damage their bones later in life if they do not take good care of themselves and eat right. Vitamin deficiencies and essential minerals can cause problems with bones and development of cartilage. Many individuals have a family history of arthritis. The Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey along with Dr. Matthew CiRullo hope to help people understand all about osteoarthritis and new technology.


How to Help with pain relief:


Pain is a symptom of inflammation or swelling. When a person has a decrease in the cushion between their bones they run the risk of pain. The Osteo Relief Institute helps patients to understand what is happening and then helps them to design a program to reduce the pain without surgery. The institute uses new technology to help patients understand what happens when they inherit arthritis.


Exercise is a good way to relieve pain. Most people do not understand but forcing a person to move the limb that hurts can keep the person from having stiffness and redness. Muscle building is important. Swimming and walking are good because of neither cause distress on the joints. Losing weight will help because the stress of extra weight harms bones. Pain relievers that are over the counter help and are not addictive such as prescription pain medications can be. Understanding new technology and ways to reduce pain is the job of the Osteo Relief Institute and will be happy to fit you in for a screening.


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