Once Again, Its George Soros

As diplomacy reaches its boiling point, nations around the world remain scrambling for solutions to their societal ills. With that being said, these nations remain void of positive role models. A perfect example includes Syria. Due to the ongoing civil war in Syria, its political leaders remain embattled in reaching a resolution. To make matters worse, opposing forces have used chemical weapons throughout the country. Therefore, the need for outside help remains pertinent. Furthermore, leaders like George Soros have played a pivotal role in bringing countless nations a resolution to their respective conflicts.

Also, George Soros remains no stranger to conflict. As a man who survived Nazi Germany’s regime during the Holocaust, Soros has witnessed firsthand the lasting impact that corrupt governments have in their society. With that being said, George Soros had to endure the loss of several of his loved ones. Moreover, these include several of his childhood friends. As a native of Hungary, George Soros remained forced to leave his homeland due to the terror inflicted by Nazi Germany. After weighing his options, Soros made the decision to move to London to attend school. Therefore, Soros attended the London School of Economics. This remains noteworthy due to the fact that Soros earned two degrees in philosophy. In addition, George Soros served as a role model to several of the students on his campus.

After graduating from the London School of Economics, George Soros became a professional investor. To expound further, George Soros opened his first hedge fund in 1969. This remains noteworthy due to the optimal performance of the hedge fund. In fact, the hedge fund remains recognized as the most successful hedge fund of all time. Also, the hedge fund remains renown for generating an immense amount of wealth. Another highlight of George Soros’ career includes the series of events that occurred during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. Although numerous investors lost a lot of money, George Soros remained the contrary. In fact, he managed to make one billion dollars in exchange for his initial investment.

Therefore, George Soros’ acumen regarding investing remains undisputed. Outside of investing, George Soros remains an active philanthropist around the world. Moreover, Soros has remained committed to philanthropy since he began his investment career. A perfect example includes his involvement in financing students to attend school in South Africa. During this time, black South Africans remained disenfranchised due to apartheid. Therefore, they remained unable to pay for college. In spite of these challenges, George Soros made it possible for them to attend school. In addition, George Soros has stood by minority groups in America on numerous occasions. In closing, George Soros remains a reminder of a role model.