Jeremy Goldstein, a Famous Business Lawyer

Having worked with major world technology-related companies. Jeremy Goldstein happens to be one of the most experienced business lawyers across the world. He is a famous lawyer, philanthropist and a great entrepreneur. He has been representing the largest companies when compensating employees of these major companies: Bank One, Merck, AT&T, Verizon, Duke Energy, Chevron and many others. He has been there witnessing huge transactions by these and many other companies. He is one rare gem that is so hard to find.


Over the recent years, many companies have stopped giving stock options to their employees. They believe that they are doing so to save money but Jeremy Goldstein held an interview to clear the doubts. The answers behind stock options are a bit complex. The stock options price at times tends to drop significantly and they’re making them so difficult for their employees to exercise such options. Businesses even after such, are required to report expenses related to those expenses. He also cites the fear and attitude of employees regarding these compensation methods. As a result of economic downturns, the employees find it very difficult to find such options exercisable. In fact, he goes ahead and compares them to tickets offered at casinos. Jeremy also cites the accounting technicalities involved. Very many employees tend to think that they would prefer higher salaries instead of exercising these options.


Jeremy Goldstein during the interview also gives the advantages of companies that practice stock options. If a share value happens to increase, employees value in terms of earnings will shoot and therefore boosting their working morale. It helps them these employees working towards the company’s growth. They increase on innovations, improved customers treatments etc. They are also able to attract more clients. As a result, the company starts to expand very well. Jeremy also says that the company that opts to give shares tend to pay huge tax burdens. They are different compared to stock options.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of those lawyers with a unique ability. He is the brain behind the major companies healthy staff. He has been trusted by so many people through his New York-based law firm. He happens to have studied at the University of New York and had over 15 years practicing law. He has worked for the biggest companies in the US. He has also had a vast experience as an employee besides being the founder of his own law firm.


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