How Much Money Should I Have in Stocks? The Oxford Club as Answers

During the Oxford Club’s private wealth seminar that took place recently at the stunning Four Seasons Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico, one attendee asked a question. The attendee wanted to know how much money he should have in stocks once he retires.

Well, the response to that question will be based on your age, wealth and monthly overhead plus the size of your portfolio. Here is a brief explanation that provides a valuable and real-world solution. That is known as retirement balancing.

Note that people in the U.S. nation are living longer than previous years. Once you step down from your work at 65 in equitably perfect health, there is a possibility that you will live up to three decades in retirement. If you are provided with a 20 or 30-year time horizon, you must have enough equities to generate a long-term income that will contentedly surpass the ever-increasing inflation rate. While inflation might be unpleasant today, that might not be the case in the coming years.

The most unfortunate thing is that the retirees are still facing the potential threat of having a lot of money in stocks. Altogether, the moment you are young and improving your investment portfolio, a bear market is ready to offer you wonderful purchasing opportunities.

However, when you are not working, you will rely on your investment to cater for your monthly pension and paying for social security, causing you to cash in stocks in a serious bear market. That is a risk that you need to avoid at all cost since it will reduce your portfolio once the market rebounds. With the help of retirement balancing, you can avoid this risk.

Here is a brief explanation on how it works offered by The Oxford Club. Rather than contemplating on the percentage of your portfolio in the stocks, analyze the amount of money you require during low-risk bonds and cash to finance your monthly overhead.


About the Oxford Club

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