How Betsy DeVos is committed to reforming the U.S Education System

Betsy DeVos is a woman who has built a reputation for herself due to her success as a businesswoman and philanthropist. In 1989, she established a nonprofit enterprise that is known as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. It has been donating to support education, Christian missions, medical research, and political activities. Betsy manages the foundation with help from her husband, Dick DeVos. She has been in the political arena since her time as a student at the Calvin College. Over the years, Mrs. DeVos has made significant contributions to the Michigan Republican Party where she has held different positions.Mrs. DeVos started becoming interested in the education industry when she visited the Potter’s House Christian School. The learning institution was established to help children from low-income families to access a decent education. She served as a volunteer at the school and has still been donating money to facilitate its operations.

According to Betsy, parents should have the right to choose the learning institutions that they feel are good for their children. She has joined efforts with several organizations across the United States to ensure that everyone can enroll in a school of his or her choice.The outstanding reputation of Betsy as an education activist enabled her to be offered a seat on the American Education Reform Council. She was also part of Children First America, which is an institution that was started to help in transforming the country’s educations system. Mr. DeVos later established the Great Lakes Education Project to assist in reforming the sector. It currently runs its operations in 17 states, and more than 250,000 children have benefited from it by enrolling in over 33 private-choice institutions that are sponsored by the public. Her campaigns have made it possible for more than 50,000 children in Florida to be offered scholarships by the state’s tax-credit. Other states that are currently offering private school vouchers include Indiana and Louisiana.

In the past three decades, Mrs. DeVos has been fighting for freedom to attend schools of choice by advocating for the use of methods such as tax credits, vouchers, digital learning, charter schools, home schooling, magnet schools, and virtual schools. She wants to make sure that all parents have an opportunity to decide on the best school for their children. The U.S education system has been admitting children to learning institutions based on their neighborhoods. Bright students from low-income areas are deprived opportunities to attend schools that can unlock their full potential.President Donald Trump hired Betsy DeVos to serve his cabinet as the secretary of education due to her outstanding work in the sector. She has worked with organizations such as the All Children Matter, American Federation for Children, and Alliance for School Choice. Betsy serves as board member of the Windquest Group.