George Soros and the Path to a Better Future

George Soros was born in Hungary, but his family left the country because of the World War II. They lived in England where Soros studied at the London School of Economics. He took simple jobs like working as a waiter or for a railway. His life and career then took him to New York. His family has an office of 30 billion dollars in assets. He hired Dawn Fitzpatrick to become the CIO of the Soros Fund Management.George Soros is from a Jewish family and survived the occupation of Hungary as well as the Battle of Budapest. England became his home in 1947. His background made him interested in philanthropy and helping others. He did not give up even with long hours and low pay but put himself through the studies in London before immigrating to the States in the 50s.When the first Soros Foundation was created, Soros spent time and money on photocopiers for libraries and universities. He was passionate about free speech and worked against authoritarian systems, helping the push towards democracy. Higher education is another of his passions and interests. He believes that with higher education comes more freedom.

The Soros Foundation supports different humanitarian causes around the world. They take an interest in UNICEF projects and the International Crisis Group. He makes sure the foundation works for ensuring LGBTI and women’s rights.The passion for education doesn’t just end there. Soros knows what it means not to have the opportunity to study, so his foundations donate money to universities in the former Soviet Union. He has sponsored and helped sponsor several schools and their renovations. One such place is the Riga Graduate School of Law in the Baltic country of Latvia. One of the auditoriums carries his name in honour, and it is located in the Wallenberg building that was dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg. He is a historical figure Soros is more than well knowledgeable about. After all, they share a partial point in history.

One of the things that stand out about George Soros is his dedication. If he commits to a project, he sees it right. It is not easy trying to work for the causes of democracy. His philanthropy one of the best ways the message of freedom, education and overall well-being can reach more people than ever before.The fight for equality and human rights secured for everybody is on his agenda every day. He was a vocal supporter of the equal marriage law and has highlighted European Roma rights and problems they face. He takes an interest in the smaller and marginalised groups in the world. Many of the people would be otherwise pushed to the side and forgotten. His family’s background taught him how to be resilient and not give up.