Excellent Care Can Be Found At The Right Assisted Living Communities


The Manse on Marsh Facility has been noticed as one of the best assisted living communities in the country today, showing off their dedication and passion to their residents year round. They offer a premium care plan that most other facilities can’t rival, and for two years in a row now, they facility has won the Caring Star award, based on a number of excellent ratings and 5 star reviews they have received.


The Caring Star award requires that an assisted living facility has a high overall rating, in this case, at least 4-stars. On top of this they must also have some 5-star recommendations to present, which in the Manse on Marsh facilities case, in no problem. They have managed to make many happy customers who have left a great many high reviews. Winning the award consecutively shows that the company is continually providing the highest level of care possible for their patients on a daily basis. They have built up a high level of trust among the residents in their community as well as the surrounding area.


The special care plan at the Manse on Marsh facility is probably one of the best among assisted living facilities. Their plan allows each resident to stay on a point system, which lets them pick the services they want, while excluding the ones they do not want. In this manner, residents can set up their own plan and cost, rather than being stuck using everything the facility feels like providing, which is almost anything a patient could need. This includes medication management, cleaning, doing laundry, grooming, bathing reminders, and more. Nurses are always at the ready to take care of resident and the facility as well.


Home to San Luis Obispo in California, Manse on Marsh is located in a beautiful area, with most things being within a close distance that can be walked by the residents, which includes restaurants. With so much positive press, a great care plan, and many options for housing, Manse on Marsh has anything a patient could ask for in a facility, including tons of great activities.