Eli Gershkovitch: Jack of All Trades

To brew Canadian craft beer, some say, is more of an art form than a skill. It involves dedication and passion to make Canadian craft beer, unlike other skills, it also is a skill that is rightfully earned. Having said that, there are a few people who are as passionate and dedicated to this craft than Eli Gershkovitch. Being the Ceo of the company Steamworks, a world renowned brewing company based in Canada, Eli has taken commanding leadership of the company, which has led to much success for the company. In addition to his success as a CEO, Eli is also a jack of many other trades. Needless to say, he is a model for what a great CEO and businessman should be. So, With that said, let us take a look at what has made Eli Gershkovitch such a successful person in not only the Canadian beer business but life in general.


Early Life & Love For Beer

Early on in Eli’s life, as a student of his crafts, he was introduced to many countries while traveling, and with them came many different beers. After graduating from law school, Eli Gershkovitch took trips to Germany, Belguim, and France, where his love for beer would only grow stronger and stronger. However, with his taste for these different beers, he also realized that he needed to create a product that was much more personal to him and beer lovers. Soon after, is when the company Steamworks comes into the picture.


Eli & Steamworks

Once Eli Gershkovitch realized that he could create a better product, he quickly built a great reputation with Steamworks. With this company, the goal was to create an environment where people could drink the beer that was made on site. Freshly brewed beer soon attracted many customers and would also quickly earned him many awards and recommendations such as being awarded the registered trademark on Cascadia in 2006 after a seven-year dispute with Granville Island Brewing. Nowadays, Steamworks continues to have success. Statistics such as revenue being up 50%, and the fact that Steamworks is now producing to not just Canada, but also in several Canadian provinces and 14 U.S. states, as well as overseas in Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, only prove the great work that Eli Gershkovitch has done so far (Steamworks).