Daniel Mark Harrison, a True 21st Century Entrepreneur

Daniel Mark Harrison is the Chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Pte. Ltd. DMH&CO is a Family office that manages his personal and family assets. Harrison is a direct descendant of the House of Harrison. The Harrison line is behind the money printing business. And he have lived up to his pedigree.

The family company has offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. In addition, subsidiaries of the company provide real estate development and project management services to ultra wealthy investors. In fact they provide a wide range of services to investors looking to put together large real estate development packages. They manage everything from putting together the financing, negotiating with underwriters and institutional investors, creating distribution deals to drafting the investment documents.
In addition to running DMH&CO, Harrison has a broad range of talents. He is the epitome of the 21st century entrepreneur. As Managing Partner of Monkey Capital, a venture capital firm, Harrison has the financial community sitting up and taking notice. Monkey Funding specializes in blockchain funding. Monkey Capital’s ICO (Initial Coin Offering)earned a mention in Huffpost where writer Azeem Kahn wrote “What strikes you about Monkey Capital…is the experience and genuinely impressive line-up of the management team. For once, this is a Crypto offering worthy of something that could fill a public company Boardroom”.
As if it were no enough to be a successful CEO and investor, Harrison is also a best selling author, commentator, and media mogul. Having written hundreds of articles for financial publications, Harrison is also the author of a well-received novel, “Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction in Today‚Äôs World.” His articles have appeared in such prestigious business publications as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Washington Post and TheStreet.com. He has been interviewed on Reuters, CNN and Bloomberg.
Harrison is a citizen of the world having grown up and lived in numerous countries. And, he has a wide range of educational experience having studied Theology at Oxford and obtaining his MBA from BI in Oslo, Norway.