Betsy DeVos and the Role of Government in Education.

Betsy DeVos is the political fighter that the Republican party never realized they really needed. DeVos has spent the past thirty years growing into the position as one of the most prominent members of the Michigan Republican Party. In fact, DeVos spent more than seven years as the chairwoman for the Michigan Republican Party while also running a pair of charities focused on expanding the concept of school choice. School choice is the hill that DeVos has been climbing over the past thirty years and her confirmation as the Secretary of Education makes perfect sense within this context. Let’s take a closer look at Betsy DeVos and see what her future has in store within the United States government.


Donald Trump, now President Trump, didn’t make many decisions during the 2016 Presidential Election that didn’t leave at least a few heads being scratched. However, one decision that was met with almost universal acclaim among members of the conservative crowd was the decision to forego hiring political experts in every key position of his administration. President Trump realized early on that people were sick of the ‘same old’ system and that is when he began his big chant of ‘drain the swamp’. Betsy DeVos stand stark as one of the first big steps toward making that chant a reality. With Betsy DeVos coming to Washington D.C. without any prior political experience, the decision was a risky one for Trump but so far it looks like it is going to pay off in spades.


The reason that people should be reassured by the nomination and confirmation of Betsy DeVos is simple: she believes in what she is doing and has spent thirty years getting good at it so that she can make a difference. Her focus, and why she was selected for the Secretary of Education, was simple: she’s a devout believer and she can make it happen on the national stage. The reason for this confidence in her ability is simple, DeVos has taken the concept of school choice and thrust it into the national atmosphere without the support that President Trump will give her. Let’s take a closer look at how Devos became a champion for education reform.


It all started when DeVos had children of her own. She and husband Dick DeVos began to shop around for schools for their children when they came across the Potter’s House Christian School. DeVos saw that the institution was filled to the brim with loving parents, an electric atmosphere, and kids that were genuinely curious. Ever since DeVos has made it her business to enhance the possibility of school choice coming to kids everywhere. Ever since she set sights on this goal, DeVos has had astronomic success. 17 states now have publicly funded, school choice institutions that are run by private groups. These institutions are currently taking care of nearly 250,000 students across 33 actual establishments. That kind of success came quick for DeVos, so who can say the kind of success she’ll have in D.C. Learn more: