Academy of Art University: Leading by Example

The Academy of Art University has represented itself very well during New York Fashion Week. This is the actual 21st time that it has graced this hallowed stage. Some of the best up and coming new fashion talent comes here to display itself and there has been a lot of new talent that has taken over the limelight in recent years. The Academy of Art was founded by Richard Stephens back in 1929. Located in San Francisco, California, this institution has well-over 12,500 students. It is reported to be one of the biggest privately owned art and design institutions in the U.S. The institute has produced a great amount of talent and at New York Fashion Week, many of its students got a chance to shine in front of a large crowd.


This would include at least 10 BFA and MFA graduates. What they brought to the table was inspiring as there were two menswear collections as well as five womenswear collections. Among the two groups, there were at least two collaborations. This is truly how you can make a name for yourself and the Academy of Art Institution demonstrates it brilliantly. This showcase has entries from all over the world, whether it’s from coastal China, or it’s from Maine. Ms. J Alexander, from the television show “America’s Next Top Model,” was present at the event. Sara Kozlowski, director of education and professional development at CFDA, was also present. This event was a hit for sure with its wide variety of styles.


The Academy of Art University stood out like it always have. The institution’s motto is “built by artists, for artists.” There are a whopping 283 full-time teachers here as well as up to 1,154 part-time teachers. All in all, the Academy of Art University is raising the bar high, and it’s changing the status quo.